Changing the game in retail

… for good

BOtag revolutionizes shopping by eliminating the conventional e-commerce platform, directly linking consumers with physical stores for a seamless purchase experience.

Any physical store becomes a direct fulfillment center for the brands they sell. BOtag orders start in any image powered by the BOtag technology, published online or offline.

Launching in September 2024.

The BOtag Solution

BOtag technology is based on a set of platforms
connected to each other, collecting data separately
and processing it to optimize the end-consumer shopping experience.

Let's compare!

Discover how BOtag redefines the retail landscape, offering unparalleled benefits to stores and brands. See the difference.

Other platforms

Lengthy and complex

Minimum 15% fee on sales
Platform retains customers
Limited to the platform’s user base
Must begin on the platform
No physical store visibility
Limited to shipping, sometimes pickup
Extra costs at checkout

BOtag Technology

2 click checkout
Low fee of 9.75%
You retain customers
Starts anywhere (online & offline)
Experience from any store
Pickup, courier, shipping
Total price shown upfront


Customer ownership
Customer reach
Purchase path
Delivery options
Pricing clarity

Are you a brand or retailer?

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Enroll your own stores, invite your network of independent retailers, create BOimages, track data and experience the full growth of your brand!


Accept brand invitations, enroll your stores, track data and experience the full growth of your retail business!


No more complicated and long checkouts. Buy your favorite brands from physical stores with pickup, courier and shipping – with just 2 clicks.

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